Den Of Thieves

















Carnival Of Thieves – Den Of Thieves

1. This Is War Too (Music: Hubbard/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Mirfin/Stevenson)
2. Acid Rain (Music: Bellis/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Stevenson)
3. On The Run (Music: Bellis/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Stevenson)
4. Runaway Train (Music & Lyrics: Stevenson)
5. Song For Someone (Music: Bellis/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Mirfin)
6. Bohemian Highway (Music & Lyrics: Stevenson)
7. A Man Dressed In Black (Music: Hubbard/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Stevenson)
8. Last Train To Hell (Music & Lyrics: Stevenson)
9. Midnight Blues (Music: Cooper/Stevenson/Bellis (Lyrics: Stevenson)
10. The Rain Poured Down On Me Too (Music: Hubbard/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Stevenson)
11. Face The World (Music & Lyrics: Stevenson)
12. The Joy Poet (Music: Bellis/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Stevenson)
13. Echoes (Music: Hubbard/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Stevenson)
14. Playground Of Lost Souls (Music: Bellis/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Stevenson)
Bonus Track:
15. The Rain Poured Down On Me (Music: Hubbard/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Stevenson)
Digital Download Bonus Track:
16. This Is War (Music: Hubbard/Stevenson) (Lyrics: Mirfin/Stevenson)