NAME:      Sam Lewis

AGE:      20

BIRTH SIGN:      Sagittarious

INSTRUMENT:      Guitar

WHAT GEAR/SET UP DO YOU HAVE:      Squier Classic Vibe 50s Strat, Tokai Love Rock, HH Amps


LOVES:      Anything Influential

HATES:      Big Headed/Arrogant/Ignorant People

FAVOURITE BANDS:      Jimi Hendrix Experience, T. REX, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Black Keys, ………..too many to mention!

INFLUENCES:      Jimi Hendrix, Philip Sayce, Marc Bolan, Jimmy Page, Les Claypool

TOP 10 FAVOURITE ALBUMS:      Too many to narrow down!

TOP 10 FAVOURITE SONGS:      again, far too many to narrow down

FAVOURITE SINGERS:      Robert Plant, Philip Sayce, Marc Bolan, Jay Buchanan

FAVOURITE GUITARISTS:      Philip Sayce, Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan, Jimmy Page, Joe Bonnamassa, Jeff Beck, Larry Lalonde

FAVOURITE BASS PLAYERS:      Les Claypool, Sam Rivers, Joel Gottschalk, John Paul Jones, Noel Redding

FAVOURITE DRUMMERS:      Mitch Mitchell, Mince Fratelli, John Bonham

OTHER TEAMS/SPORTS:      Motorsports

FAVOURITE FOOD:      at the moment, Real Burgers, but it changes from time to time

FAVOURITE DRINK:      Jack Daniels Honey, Coffee

HOBBIES:      Watching Live Bands, Listening To New Music (ie new to me) Being In Good Company, Playing Guitar – Of Course!

SEXIEST BABE:      Too Many To Choose From!

FAVOURITE PLACE:      I Think That Is Something I Will Have To Decide In The Future When I Have Seen A Bit More